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Developing RES & Attracting FDI

Energy Week Black Sea

Theevent brings together authorities and energy companies fromRomania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova, GeorgiaandTürkiyeas well as international financial institutions and major multinational investors, EPC and consultancy firms for a dialogue aimed at fostering the deployment of renewable energy in the region and attracting foreign direct investment.


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    Sebastian Burduja
    Minister of Energy of Romania
    Victor Parlicov
    Minister of Energy of the Republic of Moldova
    Yaroslav Demchenkov
    Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine
    Nikolay Nikolov
    Deputy Minister, Ministry of Energy of Bulgaria
    Giles Matthew Portman
    British Ambassador to Romania
    Grzegorz Zielinski
    Director, Head of Energy Europe, EBRD
    Jaba Khmaladze
    CEO, Georgian Energy Development Fund
    George-Sergiu Niculescu
    President, ANRE
    Cristina Prună
    Vice-President of the Committee on Industries and Services, Romanian Parliament
    Dr Dirk Buschle
    Deputy Director/Legal Counsel, Energy Community Secretariat
    Franck Neel
    Executive Board Member, OMV Petrom
    Alexandru Chiriță
    CEO, Electrica
    Mats Lundin
    Country Manager and Director Romania, Vice President, Business Development, Emergy
    Alex Blomfield
    Partner, Energy, Natural Resources and Infrastructure, Simmons & Simmons
    Bogdan Toncescu
    Member of the Executive Board, Transelectrica
    Zviad Gachechiladze
    Member of the Board of Directors, Georgian State Electrosystem
    Kostis Geropoulos
    Director of Energy & Climate, NE Global
    Robert Uzuna
    Vice President Corporate Affairs, Ursus Breweries - a subsidiary of Asahi Europe & International
    Alper Kalaycı
    Chairperson, ENSİA
    Christoph Beeck
    CRO/CFO, ProCredit Bank Germany
    Daniel Vlasceanu
    Partner, Vlasceanu & Partners
    Dinesh Dhamija
    Entrepreneur, Politician and Philanthropist, Ruserio Solar
    Alex Gospodinov
    CEO, hooracán energy
    Andrei Manea
    Executive Director, RPIA
    Cornel Zeveleanu
    Director of Public Affairs, Delgaz Grid
    Cristina Span
    Equity, Growth and Project Finance, European Investment Bank (EIB)
    Fuphan Chou
    Regional Manager of Industry, IFC
    Delphine Anne Marchi
    Senior Investment Officer, IFC Infrastructure, Europe & South Caucasus, IFC
    Dr. Oleksiy Feliv
    Managing Partner, Integrities
    Dusko Krsmanovic
    Head for the Western Balkans and Central and Eastern Europe, UK Export Finance
    Favieli Stelian
    Managing Partner, Nofar Energy
    Gökay Kütükcü
    Head of Wind and Solar Generation Group, Turkish Energy Market Regulatory Authority
    Iulian Harpa
    Managing Partner, HiM Public Affairs
    Lavinia Iancu
    Editor in Chief, Energy Industry Review
    Liviu Gavrila
    Vice-President, RWEA
    Maia Melikidze
    Executive Director, GREDA
    Marc Fèvre
    Partner, Energy & Infrastructure, Simmons & Simmons
    Mustafa Çelebi
    Regulation Director, Eksim Enerji
    Nataliia Shavrina
    Vice President, Global Capital Finance
    Nicola Bergantino
    Oleksandr Riepkin
    Special Envoy of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on Economic Diplomacy, Member of the Board, Ukrainian Hydrogen Council
    Olga Kovalchuk
    Head of Finance and Investment, GOLDBECK SOLAR Investment
    Radu Dudău
    Co-founder & President, EPG
    Sean Whittaker
    Co-lead, Offshore Wind Development Program, World Bank
    Sergii Nazarenko
    Head of the Office of Identification and Countering threats to Critical infrastructure objects, Ukrenergo
    Tatiana Fiodorov
    Managing Partner, FIODOROV & PARTNERS
    Veselin Todorov
    Chairman and Founder, Solar Academy Bulgaria Association
    Adrian Paraschiv
    Country Manager for Romania, Photomate
    Alexandra Voicu
    Regulatory Originator, Axpo Energy Romania
    Bart Dujczynski
    Founder/Managing Director, Proventus Renewables
    Varinia Radu
    Founding Partner & CEO, Energynomics
    Mykhaylo Chulkov
    Executive Director, EuroCape Ukraine 1
    Ioannis Kalapodas
    Head of Romanian Office, European Energy
    Evangelos Samouil
    Business Development Executive, Sigma Energy
    Dr Evangelos Gazis
    Head of SEE, Aurora Energy Research



    North Plaza Foyer
    1 hour


    Iridium Grand Ballroom
    20 minutes

    Panel discussion. The Black Sea region towards a renewables hub

    • Well-known for its role in the gas industry, it’s time to shine for the Black Sea region as a renewables hub.
    • What are the main transition challenges faced by the region and how to overcome them?  How compromised is the market attractiveness by the war in Ukraine?
    • The Black Sea region and Europe’s thirst for energy: strengthening ties in light of multi-faceted challenges. 
    Iridium Grand Ballroom
    1 hour and 10 minutes


    B2B meetings run in parallel with the conference during the rest of the Main Conference.

    Nevada and Oregon
    Kansas (Sponsors only)
    30 minutes

    Panel presentations. Financing renewable energy

    The Session Sponsor – ProCredit Bank Germany

    • What are the most significant market risks and what is being done to boost green finance in the region? 
    • What are debt financing trends for renewables in the region? 
    • The role of corporates for PPAs 
    • CfD and government support 
    • How to address volatility in local power markets?
    Iridium Grand Ballroom
    1.5 hours


    Avalon Restaurant
    1 hour

    Panel discussion. Unlocking routes to market for renewables projects

    • How to attract offtakers for renewables projects in the region and what are the main challenges? 
    • What are the industry needs and what is the role of modern industry in enabling green transition? 
    • Who are the early movers among commercial users and what has been their experience so far with/after signing the first PPAs?
    Iridium Grand Ballroom
    1.5 hours


    30 minutes

    Panel discussion. A “Green Marshall Plan” and Ukraine’s green reconstruction #standwithukraine

    • Ukraine’s new energy strategy. How to facilitate investment into renewable energy sources? 
    • What are the threats and challenges for the transition? When can physical reconstruction begin? How can one rebuild a country which is still at war? 
    • Can Ukraine’s green reconstruction enable Europe's energy security and climate action for the upcoming decades?
    Iridium Grand Ballroom
    1 hour


    The Prize Draw winner will get a 12-month Clean Energy Tool subscription (value £15,000) by Simmons & Simmons. Participants are to submit their business cards to enter the prize draw. The winner is chosen at random.

    *Disclaimer: the contact details of participants entering the prize draw may be shared with Simmons & Simmons.

    Platinum Ballroom

    Panel presentations. Grid fit for renewables, interconnection and storage

    • What are grid modernization plans to support greater renewable energy penetration? 
    • What shared energy projects are being developed to reduce infrastructure costs and help integrate green electricity into national grids? 
    • How can battery-based energy storage help integrate green power into the system?
    Iridium Grand Ballroom
    2 hours


    30 minutes

    Fireside chat. Unveiling green hydrogen in the Black Sea region

    • What is the contribution of green hydrogen to the energy transformation in the region? Can green hydrogen compete with other sources of energy? And where do green hydrogen production costs stand vis-à-vis its grey counterpart? 
    • Is there an incentive mechanism to support the production and storage of green hydrogen? 
    • What is the Ukraine’s role in the European Green Hydrogen Strategy? 
    • What are the pilot projects to produce green hydrogen from the onshore and offshore wind power in the Black Sea region? 
    Iridium Grand Ballroom
    1 hour


    Avalon Restaurant
    1 hour

    Panel presentations. Unlocking offshore wind energy potential in the Black sea

    • What are the main challenges facing the offshore wind in the Black Sea, and how can these be overcome?  
    • What stage is the region at in terms of offshore wind commissioning? What are the most promising projects 
    • Funding the offshore wind. How to secure the required investment capital to make offshore wind succeed in the Black Sea region? 
    • Which lessons can we learn from the successful installation of offshore wind, for example, in Nordic states?
    Iridium Grand Ballroom
    1.5 hours


    30 minutes

    Regional Café with Bubbles. Deep dive into local markets

    Within this structured conversational process groups of participants will discuss each country’s RE developments at 6 country tables, with individuals switching tables periodically and getting introduced to the previous discussion at their new table by a "table host".

    Focus point: What to expect when entering local markets? Common mistakes made and how to avoid them 

    • Table 1. Romania 
    • Table 2. Bulgaria 
    • Table 3. Türkiye 
    • Table 4. Ukraine 
    • Table 5. Moldova 
    • Table 6. Georgia
    Iridium Grand Ballroom
    1.5 hours


    North Plaza Foyer
    45 minutes

    Panel discussion. Mapping the state of solar energy in Romania and across the region

    • What are the main opportunities and challenges in the region? What are the challenges specific to Romania, e.g. is it now possible to authorise projects over 50 ha? 
    • What are the policymakers doing to ensure a transparent and predictable regulatory framework? 
    • What is the developers’ perspective on unlocking more local solar?  
    • How to ensure project bankability? 
    Iridium Grand Ballroom
    1 hour and 45 minutes


    30 minutes

    Pre-scheduled B2B meetings

    Delegates attending the Solar Day only should pre-schedule in the morning (08:45 – 09:30).
    Delegates attending the Full event may pre-schedule on Days 1&2.

    Nevada & Oregon
    Kanzas (Sponsors only)
    1 hour 15 minutes


    Avalon Restaurant
    1 hour

    Solar Mix n’ Mingle with Bubbles (NEW FORMAT!)

    The session is organised around 6 stations spread out across the room.  At each station there will be a jar containing the most pressing Solar PV topics for the region.  As participants walk in, they will be randomly directed towards a station, keeping the number of people at each station relatively the same.

    Once the session starts, each group of participants around each station should take out one topic from the jar and discuss.  After 10 min, everyone should put the topics back into the jars and switch stations. The participants don't have to keep to the original groups, everyone can go their separate ways. The process repeats 6 times.  

    By the end everyone should have visited each station once and discussed 6 topics. 

    Iridium Grand Ballroom
    1.5 hours


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