Romanian Government Announces Investments of EUR 12.48bn in the Energy Sector

Romanian Government’s plan to relaunch the economy provides, for the period 2020-2025, investments in the National Energy System estimated at EUR 12.48bn. Investments announced by Orban Government provide for the construction of new gas-fired power plants and hydropower plants, projects in renewable energy and hydrogen, retrofitting of substations, as well as the construction of new power lines. All these projects are part of the development strategies of energy companies that they were required to prepare and adopt by mid-June.

Summarizing, the objectives announced by the Government target:

  • Green energy: onshore and offshore wind parks (2x300MW) – RON 4.6bn; new hydropower production capacities (Retezat, Vidraru, Mariselu, Avrig, Bistra, Livezeni etc.) – RON 1.6bn;
  • Romgaz’s strategic investments worth RON 15.69 billion: gas turbine power plants (Iernut, Mintia), development of offshore projects Neptun Deep, Est Rapsodia and Trident in the Black Sea, methanol plant (greenfield), new energy capacities in partnership with private companies (Chimcomplex, Alro, Liberty Galati etc.);
  • Restructuring and decarbonization plan 2020-2025 of the company Complexul Energetic Oltenia S.A., worth RON 7.2bn;
  • Increase in the nuclear power production capacity with at least one unit by 2030 and extending the life of Unit 1 by 30 years;
  • Increasing the capacity of power transmission lines and of cross-border interconnection – about RON 4.6bn;
  • Investments in the national gas transmission system and for the interconnection with the international transmission system – about RON 9bn.