Solar Mix n’ Mingle with Bubbles (NEW FORMAT!)

The session is organised around 6 stations spread out across the room.  At each station there will be a jar containing the most pressing Solar PV topics for the region.  As participants walk in, they will be randomly directed towards a station, keeping the number of people at each station relatively the same.

Once the session starts, each group of participants around each station should take out one topic from the jar and discuss.  After 10 min, everyone should put the topics back into the jars and switch stations. The participants don’t have to keep to the original groups, everyone can go their separate ways. The process repeats 6 times.  

By the end everyone should have visited each station once and discussed 6 topics. 

Iridium Grand Ballroom
1.5 hours

Regional Café with Bubbles. Deep dive into local markets

Within this structured conversational process groups of participants will discuss each
country’s RE developments at 6 country tables, with individuals switching tables
periodically and getting introduced to the previous discussion at their new table by a “table

Focus point: What to expect when entering local markets? Common mistakes made and how to avoid them 

  • Table 1. Romania 
  • Table 2. Bulgaria 
  • Table 3. Türkiye 
  • Table 4. Ukraine 
  • Table 5. Moldova 
  • Table 6. Georgia

Iridium Grand Ballroom
1.5 hours

Panel presentations. Unlocking offshore wind energy potential in the Black sea

  • What are the main challenges facing the offshore wind in the Black Sea, and how can these be overcome?  
  • What stage is the region at in terms of offshore wind commissioning? What are the most promising projects 
  • Funding the offshore wind. How to secure the required investment capital to make offshore wind succeed in the Black Sea region? 
  • Which lessons can we learn from the successful installation of offshore wind, for example, in Nordic states?

Iridium Grand Ballroom
1.5 hours


The Prize Draw winner will get a 12-month Clean Energy Tool subscription (value £15,000) by Simmons & Simmons.
Participants are to submit their business cards to enter the prize draw.
The winner is chosen at random.

*Disclaimer: the contact details of participants entering the prize draw may be shared with Simmons & Simmons.

Platinum Ballroom

Panel discussion. A “Green Marshall Plan” and Ukraine’s green reconstruction #standwithukraine

  • Ukraine’s new energy strategy. How to facilitate investment into renewable energy sources? 
  • What are the threats and challenges for the transition? When can physical reconstruction begin? How can one rebuild a country which is still at war? 
  • Can Ukraine’s green reconstruction enable Europe’s energy security and climate action for the upcoming decades?

Iridium Grand Ballroom
1 hour